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Excursion: OUZOUD CASCADES - (1 Days)

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Program details:
The Cascades of Ouzoud, known as the largest waterfalls in North Africa, some 100 m high, bear the name of a small village located in the middle of the Middle Atlas, 3 hours drive from Marrakech
It is one of the most beautiful natural attractions in the province of Azilal.
Upon arrival, you will discover a breathtaking view of spectacular waterfalls, having formed in their descent a succession of small pools of water.
You will see and approach monkeys of barbarism, evolving in their natural habitat. They have been used to contacting tourists for a long time.
If you are tempted by a nautical stroll, embark on one of the rafts made available to the visitors.
You can also swim to cool off on a hot day.
If you prefer to walk, go for a hike, during which you will have the opportunity to walk in verdant green surrounded by olive groves.
At lunchtime, choose a tajine in one of the typical restaurants of Ouzoud, you will have the melodious song of the birds and the rainbow overlooking the waterfalls, as pleasant accompaniments.
A Berber coffee or tea, will help you digest and relax.
Late afternoon, it's time to return to Marrakech.

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Departure: 8h Return: 17h
Recommendations: hiking shoes, hat, jacket and sunscreen.

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